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Individual and Collective Safety Mindfulness – It’s all about the patient

                  Is the patient safe?  This is one of the most important questions a healthcare worker can ask themselves.  In pharmacy practice, keeping the patient safe means ensuring every system is in place to assure the patient receives the correct medication.  In today’s patient safety culture, “correct medication” […]

High Risk Medications and Emergency Room Visits

                  High risk medications are associated with emergency department visits and hospitalizations due to either adverse events or medication error.    The medication classes listed below are considered “high risk” because they require extra monitoring and are associated with a higher rate of adverse events. High risk medications are most often prescribed for high risk […]

What is Just culture?

“We can’t change the human condition, but we can change the conditions under which humans act.” James Reason¹ What is Just culture?  Safety awareness is on the increase at healthcare organizations across the country.  Along with this awareness is an important opportunity to report both medical and medication errors.  Increased reporting allows healthcare organizations as […]

Why not The PSO Advisory?

It is interesting to review the definition of something, for in defining it, we begin to act.  Once we define, in addition to the descriptive meaning, we add intention, i.e. we stipulate.  It becomes our guide. Safety frees us from the occurrence of risk or injury.  In defining safety, we add a behavioral component…we stipulate. […]

Why a Patient Safety Organization?

There has been a delay in the patient safety march.  Why so?  Because we have yet to overcome the knowledge gap in how to get it done.  We have to be better at answering the question, “Why a Patient Safety Organization?” The number of adverse events, death included, has changed little since the Institute of […]

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