Dennis Quaid’s Quest

Dennis Quaid’s Quest
by: Meg Grant | from:
AARP The Magazine | September/October 2010 issue

The Quaid article describes in graphic detail the potential (horror) of a medical safety error. The Institute of Medicine Report in 1999 led the charge to better determine the possibility of a patient error and how to mitigate it. To quote from the article, “As a jet pilot, Quaid uses an aviation analogy to drive home the numbers.”That’s the equivalent of 20 jet airliners full of passengers going down every week,” he says.

The components of disclosure are being defined, and they will be of great help to patients and their caregivers. Those disclosures include (in addition to the error itself): an explanation of how it occurred, how it might be minimized and what the health care organization must do to help prevent further occurrences.

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